Avondale, Louisiana

Terminal Contact


5450 River Rd.
Avondale, LA 70094


Matt Courtney

Products Handled

  • Vegetable and tropical oils
  • Specialty and commodity chemicals
  • Non-flammable petroleum products


  • Highway access from La. Hwy. 18 to US 90 and I-10
  • Rail access with the Union Pacific railway system
  • Deepwater tanker/3 barge berths on the Mississippi River


  • 82 tanks, 1.1 million barrels total capacity ranging in size from 3,000 to 80,000 barrels
  • Truck and railcar loading and unloading facilities, many fitted with dedicated lines and all meeting spill control requirements
  • Flexible plant-wide infrastructure for efficient blending, steam heating, and tank cleaning services

Responsible Management

  • Fully secure, 24-hour manned facility
  • Spill and fire control capabilities in place including employee training meeting
  • OSHA/EPA standards with standby contractor support

Quality Program & Engineering Support

  • On-site and corporate engineering offices for prompt and knowledgeable handling of customer technical service requirements
  • Custom design including development of terminal-within-the-terminal configurations
  • Quality assurance program for operations is ISO certified

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